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I’ve seen more things than people see in a million years, I just wish I had someone to share it with…

Being alone for most of the summer really takes a toll on you… especially cause you’ve been home for a week and barely no one has talked to you except for your mother 

If you think that I stalk your European vacation pictures and don’t cry then you’re sadly mistaken. 

I love how my birthday went from being “I’m so excited” to “whatever” in the course of 20 minutes 

'best friends' more like fuck you

okay it’s time for a vent.

I’m fucking angry. my birthday is next week, and literally i have no plans. like no one wants to hang out with me, throw me a party or anything. everyone has better things to do than hangout with me on my 18th birthday. its honestly so hurtful. i dont even know who my real friends are at this point, it honestly make me feel like shit. no one seems to care. i’ll end up being alone at home on my birthday. nothing out of the ordinary there. this isn’t fair. 13th, 16th, 18th, and 21th birthdays are the most important of a person’s young life, and my 18th is going to be terrible. i just want this month to fucking end so we can graduate. maybe i’ll make real friends in chicago. 

my stomach is literally churning i don’t know what to do i’m so conflicted over my feelings

Hi Evan!(:

my birthday is a month away and i’m so scared that it’s gonna suck. 

do you ever feel like the world just isnt suited for you